Who is Anna-Carin Dahl?

Anna-Carin has been working with ceramics since 1993, and has run her own design company since 2006, primarily working with design of table top porcelain items. Her company now resides in the southernmost region of Sweden, from where she runs most of her business activities – product development, parts of her production, sales from her own studio, and more affiliated activities. She runs her business under the brand name “ANNA-CARIN DAHL”.

She grew up in the beautiful eastern part of Småland in Sweden, in settings serving as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her in her work. She finds great inspiration in the deep, silent and mysterious woods and its diverse wildlife, as well as each tale from her everyday. Each fragment is gathered and combined, and turned into well designed items.

Anna-Carin got her professional training from renowned design institutions such as Capellagården, Pilchuck, Corning, and the Danish School of Design.


What’s her approach to design?

Anna-Carin has a huge curiousity towards her materials of choice, exploring their many possibilities, when designing new items, and new paths to follow. Always with a twist of humour, always with a very scandi design vibe. Her items are meant for everyday use and joy, and stand the test of time, both in product quality, and when it comes to keeping a contemporary feel.


Some manufacturing issues

All items are developed solely by herself and in her own studio, going through tests regarding sizes, thicknesses, finish, choice of materials, direction of styles, and so on. Some items go directly into production in her own studio, whereas others are manufactured through one of her highly skilled suppliers.

Most of her items are slip casted in plaster moulds. All items undergo several processes before finished, counting casting, polishing, firing, glazing, then again firing, and for some items even decoration before a final firing. All items are handmade, both the ones made by herself, as well as the items made externally. Careful, slow and thoughtful manufacturing.