Little Tilley Tealight, wild boar

Anna-Carin Dahl


A tealight made of white porcelain with transparent glaze and solid decorations on the inside.

The thin and translucent material adds a lively effect to the tealight, making the decorations visible through the product.

NOTE: The tealights with the wild boar are from another batch, meaning they are made out of a slightly different type of porcelain than the others in our range. So they might differ from the rest, but still go fine together.

Decoration: Wild boar and trees. Black on white.

Height: 60 millimetres

Diameter: 85 millimetres

Art. nr.: 6035

Design: Anna-Carin Dahl

The tealight comes in white cardboard boxes.

The tealights are dishwasher safe.




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